About Naomi

Much like the multi-faceted gems that are integrated into Naomi Arnold Jewelry, is its creator, Naomi Arnold. Gracefully transitioning to embrace the role at hand, whether wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, composer, designer or guest artist, Naomi consistently employs a creativity that is uniquely hers. Looking for beauty in everything, Naomi transforms precious resources from their raw form into elegant wearable art, much like the metamorphosis we witness with the butterfly; perhaps that is one of her many inspirations as it speaks so eloquently to her deep faith.

Already established as a concert pianist and educator (www.MusicByNaomi.com), Naomi’s jewelry career was birthed out of that rich heritage during the summer of 2008 as she directed her ingenuity toward fashioning jewelry for herself. Upon receiving numerous favorable comments and inquiries as to where she purchased her jewelry, Naomi began making pieces for family and friends. This led to Naomi hosting her first show (at her home) in September — and Naomi Arnold Jewelry (formally branded as Simple Elegance Jewelry by Naomi) was launched! Since 2009 Naomi Arnold jewelry has been made available at private showings, bridal shows as well as select jewelry shows in the DC Metro area. In December, 2010, Naomi was invited to participate in Jewelry Trunk Shows at various Bloomingdales locations in the Washington DC metropolitan area as a Bloomingdales Trunk Show designer. As much as she enjoys participating in shows, Naomi’s true passion as a designer is to create custom jewelry pieces for her clients, brides, bridal parties, special events or simple pieces for day to day wear.

Whether creating beautiful music or elegant jewelry, Naomi’s artistic creativity is a true blessing.