“Exquisite works of art… unique and priceless”

Naomi’s jewelry creations are exquisite works of art and are a reflection of her as an incredibly gifted artist.

She puts her heart and soul into every piece. Each design is unique and priceless!

Genny G. / Boyds, MD

“Transforms my appearance and outfits”

Your jewelry is absolutely beautiful! I love the way I feel when I have them on whether it’s a simple piece during the day or one for a special evening out. The earrings and necklace just complete the outfit!

It amazes me how your jewelry transforms my appearance and outfits. I could wear the same outfit without the jewelry and it is another ordinary day. Yet, I would wear the same outfit with your jewelry and suddenly I am transformed! The compliments flow in, not just on my jewelry but also my appearance and outfits! It sure makes me feel amazing, and definitely reinforces that your jewelry does indeed make the outfit!

Thank you Naomi!

Liz A. / Toronto, Canada

“I always receive lots of compliments”

My friend bought me some of Naomi’s jewelry for my birthday, they were exquisite. Whenever I wear them, I always receive lots of compliments.

Shalini H. / Toronto, Canada

“Beautiful, elegant, one-of-a-kind pieces”

Naomi creates beautiful, elegant, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry. I love because it’s unique.

Also, since it’s not mass-produced, I like knowing that no-one else has a jewelry piece quite like mine.

Susan A. / Orlando, FL

“A beautiful line of handcrafted jewelry… made with quality material”

I have been a fan of Naomi Arnold Jewelry for over 2 years. This is a beautiful line of handcrafted jewelry for those who are after unique pieces made with quality material.

I love the versatility of this line — easy to dress up but also dainty enough for casual wear.

Always looking forward to the new pieces by this creative designer!

Angela S. / Adelaide, Australia

“A unique sense of color, contrast, and texture”

I am very particular about my jewelry and style and won’t wear something that doesn’t make me feel happy.

Naomi has a unique sense of color, contrast, and texture when creating her pieces. Every time I wear one of her necklaces, someone takes notice of it and feels compelled to compliment me!

What woman doesn’t like that?

Also, given that I reside in the Washington, D.C. area and can attend her Bloomingdale’s Jewelry Trunk Shows, I’m very lucky that I have access to her newest designs — before most others do!

Ann Marie K. / Falls Church, VA

“Quite charming”

I was given one of Naomi’s pieces as a birthday gift. I simply love the silver necklace with loops and crystals. I rarely say this about jewelry, but this piece is exquisite!

I also find the movement of the piece around my neck when I walk to be quite charming.

Mary F. / Rochester, NY

“Just the right sparkle and quality… inviting consistent compliments”

I have purchased Naomi Arnold Jewelry on many occasions as gifts for others and for myself! These charming and truly elegant pieces of art are always received with great joy and remain favorites in the acccessory repertoire.

They span the gamut of casual to black tie, dressing up each outfit with just the right sparkle and quality as well as inviting consistent compliments.

B. Tillman / Rockville, MD